Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Color Soothes the Creative Soul

The list of fall activities is endless. Challenging corn mazes, pumpkins galore, and any number of craft fairs cover entire pages of the morning paper as soon as the first, red tinged leaf falls. Summer shot past in a heartbeat amidst beach events, bike events, and any number of creative ways to fund your favorite charity. Not that any or all events aren't fun or a great contribution in one way or another, no, it's the result of creative minds and so many needs around us.

But what about the quiet souls? Artists, musicians, and yes, writers who seek inspiration from natural beauty that evolves as the nights cool and the day grow short?

The grape harvest in Northwestern Pennsylvania this fall is touted as better than average. Good news for local grape farmers. The beauty unfolding in vineyards and hillsides of rolling color is inspiring, and inspiration is the lifeblood of artists.

Whether your tool of choice is a camera, a paint brush, a keyboard, ….or maybe an instrument to fill the air with soft sounds as mother nature fills our minds and hearts.

Everyone experiences mood lifts, or sometimes mood shifts, by their surroundings. I'm driven to absorb autumn's painted trees, to take the winding road beneath a colorful canopy, and to pause and listen to the dry rustle of cornstalks. I hold them inside and draw on each when a story twists or turns or demands a reader to see, feel and hear.

So I welcome autumn. I'll sip fine wine and sample aged cheese. The crisp, tart taste of new harvest apples and the sweet cider they produce will fill lazy autumn days. Sights, sounds, tastes. The goal of all artists is to bring these senses to life whether on a canvas, in a perfectly captured photo, or between the pages for all who seek the harvest of their talent.

      However...as you sip, sample and enjoy the season....read and relax!
October is also release month for book two of the Deadly Triad!
Deadly Revenge
A former Marine is captivated by an alluring widow until a sniper's bullet shatters the illusion that his covert past is behind him.


  1. What a gorgeous post. Love it, Nancy.

  2. Replies
    1. Agreed, Chris! And Nancy had me at sipping wine. LOL! Congrats on your new release, Nancy! Cheers!

    2. Thank you. Sipping wine when one lives in wine country comes natural!

  3. Chris Pavesic...I tried to reply but it wouldn't let me under your comment. Two of the pictures were taken by my DH (dear Hubby) and he had a hand in the cover of Deadly Revenge, too!