Thursday, October 9, 2014

Location Research for Wine and Spirits

Devil's Backbone
Wine and Spirits research took me to some amazing places! Here's some information about a key location in this upcoming novel.

The chief stream of Girard is Elk creek, which comes in from Fairview, f...lows nearly through the center of the township from east to northwest, and empties into the lake about a mile and a quarter beyond Miles Grove, after a length of thirty to thirty-five miles. The Little Elk rises in Elk Creek township, runs north eight or ten miles and unites with the main stream near the Fairview line. Hall’s run flows through Lockport and falls in a little south of Girard borough. Brandy run heads in Fairview township; and Spring run empties into Elk creek southwest of Miles Grove. The valley of the chief stream is narrow and precipitous in the western portion of the township, but further west and north it widens out with steep bluffs on both sides. At the junction of the Little Elk there is a high peak, resembling part of a Roman profile, with its base at the water’s edge, which has received the title of "The Devil’s Nose." A short distance south is the natural curiosity, famous over the western portion of the county as "The Devil’s Backbone." The Little Elk runs along the base of an almost perpendicular hill for a quarter of a mile, then rounds the bluff and comes back to a point opposite the one which it left, forming a sort of loop. At the narrowest place, the crest or backbone is not more than two feet across, and the height is over 100 feet. The other streams of the township are Crooked creek and several rivulets flowing into the lake in the northeast. Crooked creek rises near Lockport, runs through the southwestern portion of Girard and the northeastern part of Springfield, and empties into Lake Erie about three-fourths of a mile beyond the village of North Springfield. It has a course of some ten miles. See More