Thursday, February 7, 2019

~ Research for Sweet Deception ~
I choose the name, Cocoa Treats Chocolates, for the store in Sweet Deception based on Ritz Chocolate, a locally owned shop that’s been around for over 100 years and spans three generations of candy makers. Unfortunately, today Ritz Chocolate is no longer open and the wonderful, sweet man who carried on the tradition for so many years has passed away. I will never forget the afternoon I spent with Bill Zaphiris learning about his lifelong work creating sweet treats for chocolate lovers. 
 I learned a lot about chocolate during my research, and a lot about some dark personality traits with the help of two wonderful friends, one a clinical psychologist, the other a practicing psychiatrist, who helped me get inside the head of a psychopath. Ergo, the Deception!

The story hast a tempting combination of Sweetness and Deception.
Nancy and Bill Zaphiris
Tempting Research!
Alex AKA Truffle


And last, meet my beloved, though long gone, orange tabby. I brought Alex back to life in Sweet Deception as Truffle, a feisty feline named after a delicacy from Cocoa Treats Chocolate shop and part of Delilah's unexpected inheritance.

Ten years ago their lives took separate paths.
Delilah sought a career in New York City; Kevin entered the state police academy. But when Delilah Wyeth inherits Cocoa Treats Chocolate, danger trails the cool city ad exec back to their hometown and draws State Police Corporal Kevin McClain into her unraveling life.
Kevin admires the cool, professional woman she's become, but misses the feisty girl he once knew. Though he vows to uncover why fear lurks in Lilah's stunning eyes, his less than stellar ancestry haunts Kevin and he struggles to keep his hands off her tempting body.
Lilah faces life-altering choices. Precious memories pull her to stay and convince Kevin he deserves more in his life than a badge and a gun, but if she abandons her smooth-talking, manipulative New York supervisor, will she trigger a deadly reaction?
Her decision turns Lilah's fear to reality, and more than duty drives Kevin as he races to save her life.